The game

The empty streets, the broken wheels,

brought me down within Gaia!s crown.

she signed off with a devilish look,

killing my soul with egos too cold.


I felt lost in those vast labyrinths,

but the Bolt shone, as bright as the sun

My one partner in the race of life,

it showed me the way, to run and to burn.


The game began, with horns blown,

i was to return alive, to my own, throne.

Adrenaline gushed up till my throat

.as I ran away from the earthly hold.


Gods of Olympus, save my soul,

Thou gift love and light my world,

The stars of prosperity should shine again,

I’ll gift my faith to your people beyond.


After all, it’s just a game of give and take,

nothing matters more than fate.

Hate can feud a war of the worlds,

but love can gift a pearl from the oysters.